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Nobody Cares About Your Stick Figure Family

25 Jul

Stick Figure


Sure, we have all seen the stick figure decals on the family vans and suv’s…then I roll up with a stick figure family of my own to show just what I think of these stick people. Today, driving along behind one such family car, it dawned on me…yes, I do care about your stick figure family. I care about the ties that bind, the ties that make you a family. Families pull together, they help each other, love and support one another, call each other out on their crap, encourage each other and sometimes, family extends beyond blood ties. Going through tough times makes you appreciate the stick figures that make up your family.

I will admit, my initial displeasures over stick figure families were 1. My life and who I am wasn’t readily included in what a stick family looks like. You see, my stick figure family includes two moms, five kids and a dog. I think we should all be able to show pride in our families regardless of their makeup. 2. Stick figures were plastered on cars like it was a competition, therefore it only made sense to put it out that there nobody cares about your stick figure family, at least not from that vantage point.

It does seem comical, I want to put stick people on my wife’s suv, as that is our family car, meanwhile, my car has the very sticker in this post!