Mama Used to Say, Don’t You Rush to Get Old…

23 Jul


When I saw this prompt, it made me grin for a moment and then reflect with sadness. I remember being a kid and feeling carefree most of the times, but also knowing that adult life was much harder, having heard and witnessed some of those very difficulties and added responsibilities that came with the title, “ADULT”. 

Sitting here as an adult, shouldering many of the added responsibilities that I witnessed in addition to a few others, I can say being an adult is hard. Much harder than I ever imagined it to be as a child. If I could tell my younger self anything about adulthood, I would say don’t go there…EVER. I remember that song by Junior, Mama Used to Say…and boy, I get it now! Don’t rush to get old, to be responsible for other people, to be on a tight schedule, to have to juggle work, home, school, parenting, etc. When I was a kid, I cared about so many simple things and being an adult, the simple things are often buried by adult responsibilities and problems. Take your time, live your life…Mama used to say…



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