Nobody Cares About Your Stick Figure Family

25 Jul

Stick Figure


Sure, we have all seen the stick figure decals on the family vans and suv’s…then I roll up with a stick figure family of my own to show just what I think of these stick people. Today, driving along behind one such family car, it dawned on me…yes, I do care about your stick figure family. I care about the ties that bind, the ties that make you a family. Families pull together, they help each other, love and support one another, call each other out on their crap, encourage each other and sometimes, family extends beyond blood ties. Going through tough times makes you appreciate the stick figures that make up your family.

I will admit, my initial displeasures over stick figure families were 1. My life and who I am wasn’t readily included in what a stick family looks like. You see, my stick figure family includes two moms, five kids and a dog. I think we should all be able to show pride in our families regardless of their makeup. 2. Stick figures were plastered on cars like it was a competition, therefore it only made sense to put it out that there nobody cares about your stick figure family, at least not from that vantage point.

It does seem comical, I want to put stick people on my wife’s suv, as that is our family car, meanwhile, my car has the very sticker in this post!


Mama Used to Say, Don’t You Rush to Get Old…

23 Jul


When I saw this prompt, it made me grin for a moment and then reflect with sadness. I remember being a kid and feeling carefree most of the times, but also knowing that adult life was much harder, having heard and witnessed some of those very difficulties and added responsibilities that came with the title, “ADULT”. 

Sitting here as an adult, shouldering many of the added responsibilities that I witnessed in addition to a few others, I can say being an adult is hard. Much harder than I ever imagined it to be as a child. If I could tell my younger self anything about adulthood, I would say don’t go there…EVER. I remember that song by Junior, Mama Used to Say…and boy, I get it now! Don’t rush to get old, to be responsible for other people, to be on a tight schedule, to have to juggle work, home, school, parenting, etc. When I was a kid, I cared about so many simple things and being an adult, the simple things are often buried by adult responsibilities and problems. Take your time, live your life…Mama used to say…


The Face of Mental Illness

19 Jul

Nami PicThe Face of Mental Illness

It’s a face I never thought I would know, intimately…but it stares back at me, often. I am the mother of a child struggling with mental illness. Being in the trenches, watching my child battle demons that I do not understand, I often feel overwhelmed, isolated and afraid. Where do mommies get together to talk about these things? I know the stigma is there, unlike having to explain your child has severe food allergies or is diabetic. I look at other children riding their bikes, playing at the park, just being kids and I feel a sense of sadness, mourning a life and experiences that have been missing for my own child, having spent a few summers in mental facilities. I often wonder if this is what her youth will be like, in and out of these places with doctors trying to pull her out of the dark back into the light. She used to smile and laugh, so full of wit and charisma, now just a flicker of who she used to be…before…

The face of mental illness can be cold at times, a loving child who transforms into a vicious stranger and back again. You can’t help but ask what you did wrong, what you could have done more of, less of…and at some point, you release yourself from the blame of it all, knowing there was nothing to predict, prevent or encourage the illness inside the mind of your child. Wrought with sorrow, tears, anger, questions, despair, I’m learning to take this day by day…hoping to change the face of mental illness. Some days are harder than others, but for today, there is hope.




Full Disclosure

16 Jul


A chip that would let me know what the people I am talking to really think…sounds like a blessing and a curse at the same time. Sure, it’s great to know that internally people are singing your praises, but what to do if that isn’t quite the case? I suppose one could argue knowing the truth of how someone feels about you could save a lot of heartache…especially if the words that come out do not match the thoughts in their head.

The caveat was that the chip could not be turned off, but it stated it lets you know the thoughts of the people you are talking to…so if you are sleeping and not talking, it should be off, right? I would sure hope so. But just to be on the safe side, I would say no…I don’t want the chip. I believe life unfolds how it is supposed to, with everything being revealed at just the right time, good, bad or indifferent.

Hello world!

10 Aug

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